Month: May 2017

Owning a Top-Notch Restaurant or Hotel Includes Knowing Where to Get the Best Linens and Kitchen Items

When you own a restaurant or hotel in a tourist spot and you take care of thousands of travellers every year, there are certain items you rely on to make the facility both function well and look better for the...

/ May 15, 2017

How to find the UK’s most breath-taking countryside routes

Luxurious Audi dealership Vindis has put together this guide of the UK’s most breath-taking countryside routes so that you can take in many of the country’s awe-inspiring sights while enjoying a road trip around the British Isles: The Atlantic Highway...

/ May 12, 2017

Top Destinations to Visit around Delhi

Agra, famous among the tourists for Taj Mahal, the symbol of love, was once the capital city for the Mughal Empire when it was in power. The city is in very close proximity to Delhi (217 kms) and one can...

/ May 8, 2017