Kitesurfing-String Of Joy And Ballet On Water

This water sport is a ballet on water tied to a kite on the sky as if the heaven and earth connect to free the spirit of mankind to dance on the cosmic tunes. Kiteboarding is a play with elements of snowboarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding, paragliding, skateboarding, and gymnastics. This sport uses a surfboard riding on the waves. A major aspect of this sport is it is wind-powered as the kite fly on the sky and board is propelled. It can be done in calm lagoon or lake or rough sea with high waves all it needs is water and wind.

Kites to lift man

Two brothers Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux from France developed kites for this purpose which got patented in 1984.”Wipika” they called to these kites, with simple yet effective bridle system which transfers the wind power to the board on the sea. If you want to plunge into this excitement of Kitesurfing, start finding some exquisite destination for this. The ideal location is uncluttered ocean shore with a steady wind speed of 10 to 40 knots. In a sunny, windy day on stunning beaches enjoy this sport to heart content.

Lessons before you start

Before you start kite lessons are essential because you could get involved in a dangerous and challenging situation where you have to apply this knowledge of kite control, body movement comes handy. It is for the safety of you and others to learn the necessary techniques. Learning from a certified instructor helps you to learn faster than your trial and error methods. If you enroll in some nearby lesson classes, you do not have to purchase equipment at first. After the course, you will be able to decide kite size according to wind condition and speed and start surfing on your own without a problem. There are 14 steps to master this water sport 1)Kite and Wind Theory,2)Kite and Lines Set up,3)Inner workings of the bar and safety system,4) Self-rescue technique,5)Inland Kite Control,6)Body Drag Upward,7)Power Stokes,8)Water start with Assistance,9)Water start solo,10)Ride Downwind,11)Ride upwind,12)Transityions,13)Jump,14)Wave Riding.

Exercise for your Body and Mind

Kitesurfing is an extreme water sport which gives an all-round excitement and exercise for your body and mind. Tones your muscles of your body, as you hold the kite which drags you on water balance with your feet on the board. With a combination of aerobics and resistance exercise it improves your balance and reflexes. This sport gives you a unique chance to interact with nature amidst ocean imparting the knowledge of its vastness and power. It gives you the feeling of flying on the sky and surfing on the ocean at the same time.