Getting to know Airline Loyalty Programs better

With the concept of wanderlust becoming popular, everyone wants to travel to breath-taking destinations. However, our excitement is dampened once we have a look at the airfare prices. We need to compromise and settle down for domestic destinations, or destinations that cost less, right?

Well, there is a smarter way than that to travel to our dream destinations, and that concept is called as Loyalty Points through JetPrivilege system offered by Jet Airways.

Introducing the concept

Signing up for loyalty programs of a certain airline is a plus point for both you and the company. The company ensures that they form a loyal customer and you get early bird discounts if you stay loyal to that airline itself.

However, before committing to a certain airline, you need to research the benefits the company provides, if their rates are wallet-friendly, if their in-flight service is up to the mark, etc. and you also need to gauge your travel habits. If you happen to be single, you tend to take spontaneous trips that get added against your frequent flyer number, but a family has many aspects to consider, like school holidays etc. These are a few factors that have to be thought through before signing up.

Certain credit card companies have tie-ups with airline offers companies and offer reward points if you spend using your credit card. They also offer great flight booking offers if you pay using your credit card. Therefore, each time you spend, points are added against the frequent flyer number, which can be redeemed later.

Once you reach a certain limit, you can book a ticket and get discounts using reward points. You won’t be able to earn rewards from a credit card unless you use it significantly. The more you spend, the more you earn. And yes, you need to pay the credit card bill on time or before the due date to gain more points.

Ways to get the most out of Airline Loyalty Programs

  1. Mileage manager: Most companies have a mileage tracker wherein you can track your accumulated points. This is a great advantage if you are planning a trip.
  2. Dine in programs: If you feel credit cards are too expensive, there are many restaurants that offer dine-in rewards if you eat regularly at their restaurant.
  3. Keeping up with the deals: Spending your free time browsing airline websites when you are planning a trip is a great way to ensure you get early bird flight booking offers.
  4. Upgrading while booking: If you book business class tickets while doing the booking, you tend to save much more money as compared to upgrading at the last moment. You will be astonished at the price difference. In addition, some airlines do not allow upgrading at the last moment using loyalty points. So, it’s better you book yourself, if you can afford to do so, into a more comfortable seat because long flights really require comfortable seats, don’t they?

Now that you have loyalty points in reserve, you can plan to travel to most expensive destinations. Wise spending is crucial for maximizing the loyalty points. Spending them all at once is not advisable either. Using them part by part will ensure you travel more and explore your dream destinations.