How I Find Tasty Budget Meals In Penang

Exploring culinary and street food have always been my favorite thing to do. First, because I love food. Second, it’s a delicious way to learn deeper about a country’s culture. So when I visited Malaysia, I just had to visit Penang. George Town, in particular, is widely known for its authentic Malay-Indian cuisine. They are not only delicious, but also come in affordable prices as well. Below are best cheap eats in Penang I discovered.

  1. Nasi Lemak Ali

I wake up early in the morning and had a sudden urge to eat Nasi Lemak for breakfast. I went to Nasi Lemak Ali, and it was the best decision ever. You can choose one from six types of nasi lemak. Each nasi lemak are topped with squid, fish, chicken, anchovies, egg, prawn, or salted fish, and delicious sambal! You can get one of them for only RM 1.70. You can also customize your own, with different fee applied.

  1. Char Koay Teow

If you visit Penang, you absolutely have to eat stir-fried rice noodles (Char koay teow). It’s the most iconic street food dish in Penang after all. Lean Joo Sean’s char koay teow is the best. You can find him in his humble hawker stall located outside the Sin Guat Keong coffee shop. It only cost you about RM 3.40 for a plate of delicious fried rice noodles. The char koay teow stall opens from 05:30 PM until midnight.

  1. De Tai Tong Café

Penang is also the best place to taste the most delicious dim sum. De Tai Tong Café is an expert in traditional dim sum. You will totally dig their har gow or shrimp dumplings and chee cheong fun (rice flour rolls with barbecued pork). Not really into savory food? You can try their creamy yellow egg tart with custard instead. Beware! It’s absolutely indulging!

  1. Kedai Kopi Sin Hwa

Assam Laksa dish is definitely a must-try dish in Penang. This dish is usually cooked in large amount of rich coconut milk sauce. The original laksa is way too heavy for my stomach though. My friends suggested me to go to Kedai Kopi Sin Hwa because they serve lighter version of assam laksa. They were right! Sin Hwa’s assam laksa use base soup consisting of fish soup, mixed with tamarind, ginger flower, prawn paste, galangal, and sliced shallots. It tastes so refreshing and acceptable to my sensitive digestive system.

  1. Restoran Kasim Mustafa

If you happen to explore Lebuh Chulia, make sure you drop by at Restoran Kasim Mustafa. The restaurant serve various classing Indian-Muslim cuisine. From kandar biryani rice to juicy roasted lamb shank. They also sell various fusion cuisine after midnight. I wasn’t that hungry at that time, so I ordered Thai-style moi sup. It was satisfying!

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