Traveling on a Budget: An Affordable Holy Land Experience

“Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.”

If you’re one of those who want to travel to the Holy Land but afraid to spend a considerable amount of cash, this message from the novelist Paulo Coelho may motivate you to pack your bags and fly to this historic destination. Exploring Holy Land could be part of your next LDS vacation in Israel.

Making Your Israel Trip Budget-Friendly

The cost of traveling around Israel depends on the activities you plan to do and where you want to stay during your trip. Expect, however, that it can cost more than the other countries in the Middle East. Don’t be surprised to encounter Western European prices.

Despite that, you can still make your trip more affordable. Choosing your accommodation carefully, for instance, is one way to save money during your trip. Israel has numerous independent and high-quality hostels. Most of them have dorm rooms that cost at least $20 per night. It includes air-conditioned rooms, breakfast, and other standard facilities.

The bus is a popular transportation in Israel, which you can ride to go anywhere. Buses have subsidized fares, and most of them offer free Wi-Fi. A one-way bus ride from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv costs about $5, while Jerusalem to Nazareth or Haifa costs about $11.

Israel also offers a wide selection of delicious cuisines. Prices of food depend on where you eat. The country’s culinary capital, Tel Aviv, for example, has some of the top but costly restaurants. Street food is an affordable option to satisfy your stomach, where falafel costs $2 to $3. You can also buy ingredients from the markets and cook them in your hostel.

Major tourist spots in the country require entry fees. Include them when you’re planning your travel budget.

Why Should You Visit Holy Land?

Israel experienced a record year for inbound tourism in 2018, when it welcomed over four million tourists, according to the Tourism Ministry. Data show that 77.5 percent of tourists visited Jerusalem, making it the most visited city in the country.

Jerusalem is home to significant religious and pilgrimage sites, such as Temple Mount, Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, among others. The city offers unique experiences to people visiting the place regardless of your religious views.

Israel is central to the Holy Land. Three larger Muslim states surround the Jewish state. All the Holy Land countries are the marks of past conquerors, including the Babylonians, Greeks, Persians, and Romans.

Visiting Holy Land will be your opportunity to see the birthplace of Jesus and the place where his crucifixion and resurrection happened. Apart from its fascinating history and architecture, you can also enjoy some time at the Dead Sea, which provides several health benefits.

Traveling may eat up some of your savings, but the experiences and memories you create in every trip are invaluable. You’ll also learn new things not only about the places you visit but also about yourself that you can treasure for a lifetime. Make sure to plan every trip properly to make it memorable without spending a fortune.