3 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Marine HVAC system

Life on a marine is bliss, and many yacht owners love to share this lifestyle with their pets. However, there’s one component on board that doesn’t always have the best relationship with animals: your HVAC system. Pets enjoy chewing wires, and their hair can clog HVAC filters — and both can result in you needing an HVAC repair specialist. If you have concerns about your HVAC system falling victim to your four-legged friend, here are some measures you can put in place to protect it.

Change Your Filters Regularly

Pet hair gets everywhere, including inside HVAC filters. Filters play an essential role in the running of your HVAC system. They clean the air that passes around your home and removes allergens like dust and pollen to improve your air quality. When your filter becomes blocked, it’s no longer effective and can cause long-term damage to the inner workings of the unit. Remember to change the filter regularly, as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Prevent Pets From Marking Their Territory

Dogs like to make their mark, but if your HVAC system is at floor height, this can pose a problem. Urine is corrosive. It can eat away at vents, or get inside the system and damage internal elements. Fence in your marine AC Miami Beach system to keep it safe from any territorial behavior.

Box Wires in Securely

Many dogs, especially young pups, love to chew. If your HVAC cables are in full view, they can make for a tempting chew toy. A chewed cable not only prevents your HVAC system from working but — more importantly — could severely harm your pet. Securely box in all wires so they’re safely tucked away.

Keep your HVAC system safe from your new furry family member with these easy tips. Otherwise, you could meet with some of the more unexpected costs of pet ownership.