After Prom and Graduation: The Best Themes for Your Celebration

If you’ve been Googling “book your graduation prom Canby OR,” chances are you haven’t solidified your party theme. The venue can be a big influence on your motif. The following ideas can be adapted for any location, and hopefully, they’ll inspire you to look for unexpected venues.

Award Show

Do you have an indy movie theater or performing arts venue in your town? Contact them to see if they have rates to rent it out after-hours. Have everyone dress as their favorite actor. Give funny awards for fictitious movie roles based on their hobbies, activities or goals for the future.

Sock Hop

Try looking for a VFW hall or community center. Invite everyone to dress up in their best blue jeans, bobby socks and saddle oxfords. Play some ’50s music and have a dance contest for the best Jitterbug, Jive and Swing. Serve hamburgers, shakes and cherry Cokes.

Barn Party

A barn can be an excellent place for a party. After the formality of prom, it can be a welcome relief to put on some blue jeans and cowboy boots and sit on some hay bales. Have barbeque catered or fire up the grills outside. Set up a place for pictures with hats and some cows or horses in the background.

Famous People

Anywhere could work for this option that is perfect for a graduation party. Have the guests dress as a famous person who holds a job they aspire to, such as Julia Child or Gordon Ramsay, for a career as a chef. Ask everyone to keep their character a secret. Hold a raffle for prizes to award those that correctly guess the character.

Tropical Theme

If you know someone with a beautiful yard or pool, you have the perfect location for a tropical-themed party. Put up some tiki bars and make leis to give the guests as they arrive. Serve kabobs with pineapple for a light dinner.

With just a little imagination, you can find a theme to please near graduates or new graduates. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to be memorable.