Healthy Ways to Move on After the End of a Relationship

The first days after the end of a relationship or a divorce are always the hardest. You wake up reeling from the realization that you’ve just ended something you’ve worked hard for. There are pain and loss that painkillers can’t help with. The pain is so unbearable that you feel it deep within your soul. There is no remedy for that. Heartaches are always the hardest to deal with because there’s no cure to it except time. And when you feel that your heart is about to break open, time isn’t something you have in quantity.


Go out to the world. If you’re a Mormon, go on a Mormon cruise and reconnect with your faith. Travel to places you haven’t been to. Don’t go to places that will remind you of the people you’ve lost. Go somewhere new. Do new things. Create an experience that will make you forget that your heart is broken into a million pieces. What you need to do after a breakup or divorce is to keep moving. You cannot sleep and mop around the house, thinking that the pain will go away. You’ve got to have the energy to keep moving.


Some people go straight from the end of a relationship to thinking that they’ve already moved on from it. That’s not healthy. Allow yourself to grieve. There should be no pride in grieving. There’s nothing wrong with it. People grieve over things that they loved and lost. The worst thing you can do after ending a relationship is not allowing yourself to feel sad. You cannot push your emotions away. That’s not a healthy way to move on.


Do you have friends before you haven’t seen in a while because you were too busy with your relationship? This is a good time as any to reconnect with them. Create memorable moments with your friends again. But remember to surround yourself only with people who care for and love you. If some people feel the need to discuss your heartbreak over and over, tell them that you’re not in a place to discuss the details with them. Cut negative and toxic people from your life. At this point, they are the last people you need.


Do something for yourself that you have been putting off because you don’t have time for it. Whether it’s a new hobby, interest, or business venture, it’s a sign that you are moving forward with your life. Get yourself busy with things that you are passionate about. Pour your time into these things. Slowly, day by day, you will realize that your heart is being pieced back together.


Yes, it is okay to grieve the end of a relationship, but it is not healthy for that grieving period to be limitless. Put a deadline to your grief. Tell yourself that in a month, you have to stop crying every time a topic or a thing reminds you of your ex. You need to close the door on this chapter of your life. The only way to healthily do that is to remind yourself that this is just a phase that will end soon.

Moving on is one of the very few constants in life. You move on after a breakup. You move on after resigning from your first job. You move on from friendships and family. Look around you. Everyone has gone through something like this in life. They’ve moved on. You will, too, in time.