7 tips for becoming a savvier traveler

Becoming a savvy traveler comes with experience. Many first time travelers make mistakes such as over packing, missing the bus or flight, being culturally indifferent or brings less money than they will need. Such mistakes can make your travel experience unpleasant. That need not be the case with proper planning and the tips below.

  1. Pack light and in time.

Create a list of all the items you think you will need then narrow down the list to half those items. It is ok to wear that pair of jeans twice or thrice instead of packing a pair of jeans for each day you are away. Like many novice travelers, if you are a new traveler you will soon realize that you do not need half the things you carry.

You want to have packed latest the night before you travel. That way, you are sure to bring all the essentials without bringing more items that you need.

  1. Scan all your important documents and send them to yourself

Make digital copies of your birth certificate, insurance card, passport, driver’s license and any other important document and send yourself an email of the scans.In case you lose any of the documents, you can access them easily.

  1. Learn basic words and phrases of the language spoken your destination.

People at your destination will be more helpful and appreciative if you can speak in their language. You do not have to learn the new language but you need to at least say “hi”, “thank you” and ask for directions.

  1. Find flight deals

When it comes to travelling, flight charges take up a significant portion of your travel budget. Signing up on a flight website deal such as Bravofly Vol can help you to find cheap flight deals easily. Booking your flights two or three months in advance will get you better prices and discounts.

  1. Visit both the touristy and non-touristy areas

The touristy places are popular for a reason, but it doesn’t mean that there are no other places that are worthy of visiting. Ask around, as long as the place is safe, then explore.

  1. Have a medical checkup and the necessary vaccine before you leave.

The last thing you want is your trip getting cut short by illness. Schedule for a medical checkup before your trip to ascertain that your health is at optimum. Get the vaccinations you need depending on the requirements of the country you will be travelling to.

  1. Bring more money than you think you will need.

Create a budge of your expected expenditure including accommodation, food, transport costs, money for buying souvenirs and site seeing change. Bring at least half more of the total amount on your budget.While it is wise to stick to your budget as much as possible, it is fine to splurge once in a while. For instance, take dinner at a fancy restaurant or book a few days’ accommodation at a nice hotel.

Stash money in different places just in case you lose your wallet or ATM cards. Also, bring at least one more credit card or debit card with you just incase the other one gets lost or your bank blocks it.

Ultimately, the more you travel, the more experience you gain and the better of a traveler you become. You need not break the bank to start travelling. Plan ahead and save up and go forth to explore the world.