9 free things to do in Lima

For all those who visit Lima or for all Lima people who want to know more about their city. Here I have compiled 9 free activities that can be done in free walking tour Lima.

1. Tour the center of Lima with the audio guides

Every time friends come from abroad I accompany them to downtown Lima and I always end up knowing something new. As a World Heritage Site, I think the best way to get to know it is by walking to see the houses, churches, monuments and historic buildings. But how to know what they are, a little of their history and where to locate them without the need to hire a city tour or a guide? Happily there are audio guides in English and Spanish that are totally free. You can download them to your cell phone both audio and maps and walk 7 routes in the historic center. They are also in Google play and iTunes.

2. See the sunset from the Miraflores waterfront in summer

For me it is the most beautiful thing in Lima. Almost all the year it is cloudy but in summer it stops being the donkey belly and turns reddish tones, orange, lilacs, etc. When evening falls, Miraflores boardwalk is the best place to witness the sunsets. I recommend arriving at 5pm, walking through the parks until 6pm that begins to hide and once it is no longer seen, the sky takes a thousand colors.

3. Ravine: Bridge of Sighs and graffiti

Known by the locals for being one of the most bohemian districts, they usually visit it at night. The classic visit is to cross the famous bridge of sighs and then go down the bath that has a nice view of the sea, as well as eat the inevitable anticuchos and picarones.

Barranco also has many graffiti that surprised me the last time I visited it. I really believe that it gives life and joy to the streets and it fits perfectly with the artistic and bohemian atmosphere of this small district.

4. Visit the Place of Memory

One of the few free museums in Lima. It is strong and sad but very important to visit, especially for Peruvians, because it brings us to the meeting and reflection with the whole period of violence that was lived between the 80s and 90s.

5. Walk along the Descalzos and Walk of the Waters on the Rímac

Rímac is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Lima and one of the ones I know very little about. Sincerely I have always been afraid to go on my own to visit him because he is not known precisely for his safety. To walk through here is to return to colonial Lima and appreciate an architecture that has survived the modernization and disorderly growth of the city.

6. Free tours of the Municipality of Miraflores

Twice I have registered for guided tours of Miraflores: Ricardo Palma House Museum and the Literatur – Mario Vargas Llosa route. I live in Miraflores for about 5 years and thanks to the tour I got to know several details of streets where I have walked daily. Here you can see the tourist agenda, some activities are paid and other free income.

7. Olivar Forest and its birds

One of the parks that I like most in Lima is the Olivar for its tranquility. You can walk, have a picnic, relax under an olive tree and read a book, and also observe your birds. Unfortunately, the information panels that allowed them to be identified are no longer there. You can even see owls. I guess at night and if we’re lucky they look. There is also the brown hawk.

8. Guided tour of the Congress of the Republic

I cannot believe that until now I do not know about the congress. Writing this post reminds me that we always leave our city at the end. Visits are made on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:30 am and from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm. We visit the Hall of the Lost Steps, the Hemicycle, the Sessions Chamber, and the Francisco Javier de Luna Pizarro Room.

9. Cultural Centers and Free Galleries

I remember when in 2003 I traveled to Barcelona to study and I was surprised with the variety of free cultural activities that I found there. I was just thinking, why was not there in Lima? Happily now it is very different and we have several cultural events of free entry and of very good quality.