Slovenia is a sports paradise, try rafting in Slovenia

Rafting- what do you imagine when you hear this word? White waters, unspoilt nature, an unforgettable experience with your besties? Adrenaline level through the roof and splashing water? Yes, rafting in Slovenia offers all that, on several different rivers in several different surroundings.

If you visit Slovenia with your family, you can all go rafting. We use calmer river areas for this purpose, but the experience is still amazing. Slovenia is known as a country with cleanest, purest rivers, with abundance of fish and splendid views of the green nature.

Several rivers offer rafting in Slovenia

If you do not want to drive too far from Bled, we suggest you try the Sava River fun or mini rafting. The river is located only a few minutes away from Bled, so you can get your adrenaline high in no time. Sava River offers you a great half-day experience and you have time to get to know other places near or in Bled that might interest you.

If you, however, search for a lot more than just pure adrenaline when booking rafting in Slovenia, you can book the Soča river rafting adventure. It will take you longer, about one and a half hours of driving from Bled to Bovec and the Soča River, but you will not regret it. Soča is a worldwide renowned river, it is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe and known for its emerald colour, with white round rocks in the riverbed, where the famous Soča trout are hiding. It is THE RIVER to enjoy rafting in Slovenia.

You will never forget rafting in Slovenia

Rafting in Slovenia will give you an experience and plenty of stories to tell to your friends when you go back home. And not just rafting in Slovenia, you will also get to experience a lot of sightseeing in the same day, or even go skiing after rafting, as the highest Slovenian ski resort is only a few minutes away from the Soča River rafting adventure.