Things to carry for your next Remote Island Vacation:

Islands are favorites among most of the holiday goers. It provides an atmosphere of serenity and beauty of nature. A vacation at a remote island may also provide solace to people who want to retreat from the maddening crowd and enjoy some alone time.

Following is a list of essentials for a remote island vacation:

  1. Clothes – Clothes should be light and comfortable as weather around the beaches is mostly hot. Carrying shots and bathing suits are a must to be able to enjoy swimming and other recreational water activities.
  2. Flip flops – They are the most suited footwear in an island. They dry up easily and are easy to wear. They are also comfortable and airy. Moreover, they can be easily worn and removed without consuming much time.
  3. Maps and compass – To avoid losing one’s way it is always suggested that people must carry a compass and maps for better navigation. Furthermore, in a remote island there may not be many people that could be asked for direction. In such cases the maps and compass can be used to find one’s way around the area. There are a range of Best Navigation Maps and Compass for Hikers and Trekkers available for purchase.
  4. Beach mats – People use these mats to be able to lie on the beach and soak in the sunlight. It helps to keep away from the sand and provides comfort to the individual.
  5. Accessories – Other requirements include sun glasses, sunscreen and other accessories that may help to shield the individual from the strong sun during the day in particular.

Multi vitamin tablets – Travelling across long distances and spending time at the beach may cause dehydration. To keep the person fit, healthy and hydrated some prescribed multi vitamin tablets can be taken.