Top Bali Activities

As an internationally celebrated travel destination, Bali attracts millions of tourists each year. Mostly, the visitors are drawn to its well earned reputation as a beach haven. It’s true, Bali does offer a surreal combination of warm blue waters, soft sandy beaches, swaying palms, and abundant sunshine. But Bali also offers much more, elevating the holiday experience of visitors to its golden shores. For creatures of night, Bali offers an irresistible cocktail of chic clubs, pubs, and bars that keep the music going till wee hours. There’s adventure aplenty, from water sports to challenging treks. And there is pure, unadulterated luxury at world class spas and villas. No place can rival Bali when it comes to spoiling you with choices, and more choices.
Over the years, Bali has steadily grown its reputation as one of the hottest nightlife destinations in the world. It’s hardly a surprise that leading musicians, singers and other artists across genre regularly choose to come and perform before lively crowds in Bali. Bali itself has two distinct neighborhoods known for its nightlife, Kuta and Seminyak. Kuta has a relaxed vibe with a pronounced hippie culture. On the other hand, Seminyak is an upscale locality known for its chic boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and clubs. The informal yet classy vibe of Seminyak is best personified at Sea Vu Play, a noted dining establishment. The nautical themed restaurant is known for its devotion to authentic cuisine that stand out of the crowd of so-called fusion food. The highly accomplished chefs at Sea Vu Play take pride in their gastronomic excellence as well as the enjoyment of guests and patron. As well as great food and drinks, they also have a regular programme of parties and sports screenings. Keep up to date with what’s going on on their website at

While some prefer the nocturnal life, others may want to get their fill of adventure and new, exciting experiences. Bali offers a stunning range of opportunities to thrill seekers. One of the most sought after activities in Bali brings together adventure and sight seeing of the Balinese countryside, and makes for a wonderful way to spend a day. A quad bike tour from Bali Island ATV allows tourists to experience the lush green marvel of terraced paddy fields. The tour organizers offer one and two hour packages where you explore the landscape whizzing past on your power quad bikes, witnessing ancient temples and lifestyles of local people in their villages. You can book directly at

Scuba diving is yet another wonderful adventure activity available to visitors in 

Bali. The island is blessed with some truly remarkable diving spots for both beginners and advanced divers. One of the most popular diving spots in Bali also has an old sunken ship in excellent shape, and interests divers to explore her secrets. The abundant marine life, lively corals, and the clear water make the whole scuba diving experience a true delight. There are also certification courses offered in scuba diving at many dive schools around the island.

For those prefer more challenging activities and want to push themselves, then they should not think twice about a trek atop the Mount Batur. Mount Batur trek takes approximately 3 hours, and offers a truly stunning and sweeping views of the entire island and ocean beyond. The trek itself offers some truly interesting views of perspectives of the island that is not possible from anywhere else on the island. Once visitors reach the summit of Mount Batur, they can look forward to a sunrise that is simply jaw dropping in its raw splendor. Watching the sun come up above from a white bed of clouds is almost a spiritual experience. Book your trip to Mount Batur and whole range of other trips and  activities online at  

A holiday to a tropical paradise cannot be all about partying and adventure with so many world class options to pamper and indulge yourself. Bali has justly earned its reputation as a luxury spa destination. Its geographical location, in Southeast Asia and India, and abundance of herbs, have meant that there is a rich tradition of alternative healing practices such as Ayurveda. Bali spas excel when it comes to combining the ultimate in luxurious surroundings, high end global practices, and traditional healing methods. For example, Amo Spa, located in the swanky Seminyak, is just the perfect example of fusion of the two traditions. Clients at Amo Spa can expect the very best in hair care, facials, range of different massages, and other treatments. You can seen their full range of treatments and book online at

Aside from the rejuvenating experience at a spa, Bali also has a rich heritage of Yoga. The ancient art of Yoga is geared to help an individual attain both spiritual and physical fitness, and the island some truly knowledgeable practitioners of this venerated exercise. Aside from the yoga studios and even a few spas that offer classes on yoga, visitors can get in touch with independent yoga gurus who take their classes in small batches. The best part is that many of these classes are held in the backdrop of stunning vistas, helping you achieve that higher plane of consciousness. You may be looking for a class to get your day off to a great start or a longer retreat, to develop your skills and really tune into your Zen. You can find a range of retreats at

Holiday accommodation in Bali is something to behold. . Here, aside from the usual hotels, visitors have the option of checking into villas that offer truly outstanding hospitality. Unlike hotels, villas offer larger space for enhanced privacy, intimate spaces, and a personalized service. In this respect, one cannot recommend Hu’u villas highly enough as they offer some of the most captivating, luxurious, and sough after properties in Bali. The villas come equipped with acres of gardens, pools, sun deck, and outstanding views. The best part? You are minutes walk away from the swanky Seminyak shopping district. Their bespoke and round the clock guest service, complimentary mini bars and other benefits simply make the stay extra special. Book directly at for the best prices.

If you find the range of villas on offer in Bali confusing, use Bali Villas and More – the easiest way to book the dream villa to live it up in Bali. Bali Villas and More offers you a handy reference to all the popular areas in Bali and what you can expect there. They have range of villas around the island, and you can be sure to find something to suit you, with the best possible deals! See their latest offers and full range of villas at

The Gili islands, which lie just off of the coast of Lombok are easily accessible from Bali by a Gili Boat. The Patagonia Xpress is the newest fat boat offering daily departures from Bali to the Gili Islands. With their laid back vibe, no motorized traffic and perfect white beaches backed by palm trees, it’s easy to see why these islands are so popular. The Patagonia Xpress includes pick ups from the main tourist areas in Bali, is fully air conditioned, has comfortable seats, the latest safety equipment and is you safe and reliable passage to the tropical paradise of the Gili Islands.

If you’re travelling with your brood, then family hotels Bali are a great place to stay. You’ll experience warm Balinese hospitality and great service, and your children will have the opportunity to socialize with other children, join in great activities and you’ll be able to spend precious family time together as well as some all important ‘me’ time relaxing by the pool. You’ll find some truly great family friendly hotels on Bali that really will make your holiday special.