Planning to catch a world famous Broadway show on your upcoming NYC trip? Can’t wait to get 360-degree sweeping views of the Big Apple from the top of the Empire State Building? Or, excited to visit the many world-renowned art museums to experience the culture, history and rich heritage of the city? And how about a leisurely stroll through iconic Central Park? All this and more is a reality only when you visit Manhattan – one of the most visited boroughs in the Big Apple. This is how this amazing borough is seen as it has something for everyone, from iconic attractions, skyscrapers, trendy restaurants, lush green spaces and lots of other places of interest for everyone. So, get ready to be where the real charms of NYC are up-close and personal.

Why to Visit the Manhattan Borough on Your NYC Trip (1)

Here are some of the reasons to visit the Manhattan borough on your NYC trip:

Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty is perhaps the most recognized symbol of American pride, freedom, liberty and democracy. A gift from France, standing tall since 1886, this imposing statue atop Liberty Island is very helpful in exploring the rich history of NYC. To catch a glimpse of this iconic monument, just take a ferry from Battery Park or Liberty State Park to Liberty Island and dive into the glorious past.

Central Park

Central Park is an 843-acre gem right in the heart of NYC! It’s an ideal place to experience nature, find some quiet time and escape the noisy life of the city outside. This vast park has something for everyone and that’s why it ranks among the most visited places in Gotham. From museums, landmarks, gardens, conservatories, carousel, ponds, lakes and family-friendly places, it has everything for a perfect time in the midst of nature. Plus, bike tours are there to visit attractions in the shortest possible time and have fun with  New York City tours.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Get a unique and enriching glimpse into the past and explore different forms of art at this iconic Manhattan museum. See one of the largest galleries in the world from close up and return back enlightened. The Met, as it’s referred to, is a place to find art works related to history, art, sculptures and architecture.

Chrysler Building

You can’t imagine the skyline of NYC without the dazzling presence of the magnificent Chrysler Building. It may not be the tallest tower to grace the city, but it nonetheless is considered the most impressive by connoisseurs of art and architecture. The beauty of this art-deco style icon is simple awe-inspiring to say the least.

Empire State Building

Get the spectacular city views and sweeping vistas of life from atop the legendary Empire State Building. Ever since it opened to the public in 1931, the tower has been captivating locals and tourists alike and adding a heft to the city’s skyline. The biggest draw here is its observation decks from where visitors get to map out the city.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is simply a stunning piece of architecture. A gothic church and a well-known 19th century house of worship, it’s a perfect fusion of art, history and architecture, impressing visitors for its splendid exterior.

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