Paris, Venice, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Fiji,… As my friend scrolled through the list of the top honeymoon destinations, all she could think of was the word cliché. While most couples look for a romantic getaway to enjoy their honeymoon, there are a few madcap couples determined to explore offbeat destinations together. So here’s a list of unique honeymoon destinations for those wayfarers searching eccentric places to celebrate their togetherness.

1. Pucón, Chile

Set out on a daunting journey with your other half to Pucón in Chile where you can go skiing, rafting, and hiking. Plan your trip to this destination that provides you the opportunity to scale a live volcano. At the end of a zealous day, the two of you can soak yourself in the natural hot springs to enjoy some relaxing time.

2. Sable Island

Vast blue sea accompanied by a long uninterrupted coastline. Sounds like any other island, doesn’t it? Add around 500 galloping wild horses to the scenery and you have Sable Island. This island is a lovely secluded place that would let you two enjoy the much needed privacy. And if you are a birdwatcher, then this is your paradise.

3. Hammerfest, Norway

This small town in Norway has a long list of attractions that would exhaust you. From historical sites to sandy beaches, Hammerfest has it all. But what makes it unique as a honeymoon destination is the ‘Midnight Sun’ and ‘The Northern Lights’. What can be more romantic than lying below the night sky and watching the bright lights do their own dance.

4. Belize

Wanderers, welcome to your own paradise known as Belize. Choose any city from this small nation and carry home experiences of a lifetime. Plan your vacation to Belize Barrier Reef and deep dive along with your partner in the turquoise sea to explore the never-seen-before marine life. Zip-lining, rappelling, crawling through caves are a few other adventures offered at various other cities of Belize.

5. Bermuda

While some may be uncertain of this place owing to the many mysteries surrounding “Bermuda Triangle”, Bermuda is a safe haven for honeymoon couples. A perfect destination for history buffs, the museums and art galleries here give you a taste of Bermuda’s rich culture. Besides, the aquamarine sea, the pink sand beach, and the magnificent mountains leave you with a lot of to-do activities.

6. Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands is a group of 19 beautiful islands and many smaller islets. A perfect place to explore along with your better half, each island is best to visit in its own way. Santa Cruz Island, San Cristóbal Island, Isabela Island are a few of the much preferred islands of this archipelago. Not to miss is the Darwin Island which is credited for Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

7. Lord Howe Island, Australia

This is tiny island in Australia and be right in the lap of nature. Bathed in the turquoise sea and surrounded by former volcanic mountains, this place is no less than a nature’s wonder. Go hiking along the trails in the mountains or canoe in the soft blue sea, every moment you spend here along with your partner will be marked as an undying memory.

No matter which unique destination you choose, enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest and make tons of memories with your soul-mate that would last a lifetime.

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