A Complete Guide to Casa Batllo Barcelona

Casa Batlo is one of the most visited world heritage sites in Barcelona. Millions of tourists visit every year and so the place is crowded. Barcelona is well known for football. It organizes many sports events. When you are in Barcelona, you shouldn’t miss visiting Casa Batlo.

The design will completely mesmerize you. The monument is the masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi’s work. Before the re-construction of the modish building the Batllo family had a classical building. Coming to the history, it is recommended that you should visit the place and then know the history of Casa Batlo. You will always have free audio commentary so it becomes easy to know about the place.

It is always recommended to book tickets online. By booking tickets online, you can avoid standing in long queues. There are many travel websites from where you can book the tickets. http://www.tripindicator.com/casa-batllo-tours-tickets.html is one of the websites on which you can book accommodation to stay in the place of destination. Along with the tickets you always get an audio guide and free wi– fi so you can share as many pictures as you want with your friends and family.

Guide to Casa Batllo

The design of Casa Batlo is mesmerizing and depicts the life of the Batllo family. The interior and façade of the building just appears as landscape and shows how Batllo family occupied the middle part of the building. The Casa Batllo is a marvel of design with a perfect combination of space, light and colors and shape.

The Communal entrance hall is the first stop of the building and you will be amazed to see the design. It is the private hall of the Batllo family and resembles underwater life. This is the best art work of the modern times. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The walls are in curved shape and the handrails are made up of hardwood that definitely resembles the bone of a huge animal with the classy wooden staircase.

The place is opened from 9am to 9pm daily. The right time to visit the place is in the month of January as it is cold and less crowded but if you are planning to visit in the festive or holiday season then the most preferred time to go would be in the morning when there is less crowd so that you can explore the place comfortably.

Another way to get rid of the crowd is to buy tickets online. It will save you more time. You can also get a city pass. A city pass will let you enter most of the buildings in Barcelona. One of the passes known as iventure flexi pass will help you enter into the museums and also give you quick entry to Casa Batllo. The right time to visit the place is in the month of January as it is less crowded.

The best feature of the place is that you can visit the gift shop. Casa Batllo has the best artistic gifts. You can shop something as a remembrance of your trip. You will find out most of the products related to the Gaudi and Barcelona.

The place also has a free wi-fi that enables you to take advantage of internet and get connected to the world. The place also has facilities like wheelchairs that are according to the lift size. The Casa Batllo has elevators so you will not get tired climbing the stairs. If you have bags then the building has a facility of the luggage room.

This was the complete guide to Casa Batllo.