Best Family Vacations in the US

With semesters ending in colleges all around the US, many people will be going home for the holidays. The semester break is around a month long; and the first part of it is usually devoted to Christmas and the New Year, as families finally gather together and enjoy their time during these festivities. It is a magical time for everyone. After the turn of the New Year, you still have some days left before you return to college or university. This is a good time to take a short vacation with the family, of course if you prefer summer that is great as well. The plus side of taking one now are the thin crowds. Flying can be somewhat pricey, so Get Cheap Airline Tickets with Airzen. Here are some of the best family vacation spots in the United States.

Orlando, Florida.

No city in the world offers as much as Orlando in terms of a great family time. The city seems to be engineered to provide an excellent family vacation spot. There are so many attractions and places that one can visit, it’s confounding. Walt Disney World Resort is a city in itself, harboring a myriad of fantastic attractions that you can spend days exploring, if your trip to Orlando is entirely devoted to visiting the different attractions in the Disney Resort, no one will blame you – the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and countless others enchant both adults and children alike. It’s definitely worth a visit. Universal Studios with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a close second. You should visit both of them, each is worth every penny. And no other place will provide more fun for your family as a whole.


An Ozark town in southwest Missouri, Branson is famous for family vacations, especially reasonably priced ones. It has a multitude of kid-friendly attractions; you can take a cruise on the Table Rock Lake, visit the Sights and Sounds Theatre which has mesmerizing shows or visit the famous Branson entertainment center for a nice dinner and some light shopping. Branson is the best if you want a quiet retreat with the family.

Yellowstone National Park

Sitting atop a volcano hotspot, this 3500 sq. mile national park is widely regarded as the number 1 park in the US – and that is saying something. Yellowstone is renowned for the wide array of breathtaking sights and activities it offers. And there’s nothing like exploring the scenic wilderness which helps bring the family together. Watch the Old Faithful – a legendary geyser which erupts in a spectacular manner, then there’s the Yellowstone River, Grand Prismatic Spring and Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. These are just some of the attractions this majestic park offers. It is best to go camping and spend a few days exploring all that this park in Wyoming has to offer.

There are many family friendly destinations in the US, we mentioned three of the highly ratd ones. Be sure to Get Cheap Airline Tickets with Airzen so you can save money on your trip.