China is nation located on the beautiful lands of East Asia. It encompasses tremendous amount desert lands, mountains, white sand beaches and modern recreational centres where people can go and have fun. Whether you are going to China for a historic tour, adventure tour or just a luxurious trip to enjoy your holiday in cool breathtaking places, China has it all that will amuse you. Before you book your flights to china, make sure that you plan your trip well because there are a lot of things you can do in china and without proper planning, you might end getting confused on where to visit.

The Great Wall of China in Beijing

It is believed to be longest wall in the world and the most outstanding ancient defensive architecture ever to have been constructed in the world. The wall’s path pricks over the rugged country and steep mountains creating beautiful scenery that every tourist would love to see. Millions of visitors flood Beijing to have a view of this iconic tourist attraction site, and according to many tourists, your visit to China is not meaningful without climbing this great wall. You can book your flights to China and schedule a visit to this beautiful historic place.

Reflection of mountains on surface of lake, September 2003

The Terracotta Army in Xi’an

This place has been in existence for over 2,000 years now. It was declared a world heritage site in 1987, and since then up to now, it has been under the protection of the China’s government. The place holds a public significance because the soldiers who were killed when fighting China’s enemies were buried here. Those soldiers played a huge role in stabilising China’s peace and social interactions among communities. Visit the place and pay tribute to the departed soldiers because they are the Heroes of the nation.

The Forbidden City in Beijing

This place was formerly known as the ‘’Palace city’’ where only the prominent leaders, kings and queens, used to reside in the past. It is worth any visitor’s time not only because it was a residence to the royals but also because of the extravagant demonstration of ancient architecture. It has over 8,000 rooms where most the administrative tasks of the nation used to be carried out. If you want to explore the Chinese cultural and historical relics, this is the best place to be at all times. Book your flights to China and have enjoyed the outstanding beauty of this place.

The Li River in Guilin

If you love natural and beautiful places where you can breathe fresh air while enjoying uninterrupted tranquillity, this is the place to be. It is called the watery wonder because of how mesmerising it appears. For many years, it has won the interests of many visitors from across the world. There are a lot of things to do, go and have a boat ride along the river, see the beautiful nearby green lands, see the popping mountains and the singing birds. All these things add up to yield a complete feeling of happiness and joy in you. You can check for flights to China from your home country, book a nice hotel and enjoy a marvellous holiday in China.

To conclude, China is one of the outstanding places where you cannot get bored. Just plan your trip well, make sure that you gather all that you need to conveniently tour places and you will real enjoy.


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