Common Struggles of a Budget Traveler

The very prospect of traveling sounds very appealing. Exploring new landscapes, cultures and historical sites sure is exciting. But it comes with a price. Unfortunately you need money and time to travel around the world. But not necessarily a huge sum. If you are a budget traveler, you can head out with less money by compromising on a lot of things. Not everyone can be a budget traveler though. Here some common struggles that you should know about if you are thinking of becoming one.

No luxuries

There is absolutely zero element of luxury for a budget traveler. A budget traveler has to go for the cheapest and often shabbiest options. This means dingy hostels, motels and sometimes even crashing on a distant friend’s couch. If you are to travel by air, business class and first class are no go zones. Budget airlines become your best friends. And not to forget, you have to rely on the cheapest food choices at your destination.

Money Shortages

Budget Travelers often find themselves facing money shortages. This is not because they have not planned well. It is because not everything goes according to the plan. Sometimes you have no choice but to go over your budget due to unforeseen reasons you had not taken into account previously. Be ready to handle money shortages and always keep some extra funds in reserve. You could also sell frequent flyer miles to raise cash or take up work to earn money.

Work Abroad

As mentioned above, circumstances may make it necessary to take up work either at your destination or online. Online content writing is one of the most common ways to earn easy money for budget travelers. But you could also find odd jobs to do at your travel destination for example teach your language or work for a few hours at a bar.

Eat cheap

A budget traveler mostly cannot eat at fancy restaurants as the food budget is restricted and small. You have the option to eat at local road side eateries or street food for most part. A lot of travelers love the street food so it is not really considered a compromise.

Local transport

Most budget travelers rely on local buses, metros and tuk-tuks in some cases to move around within a destination. This may be frustrating at times as you are unfamiliar with all the routes and if you don’t speak the local language, the communication gap may make things even more difficult. Using Uber or a rental car certainly is easier but also costly. Sometimes you may even opt for hitchhiking to save money.

Don’t for once feel discouraged by the struggles mentioned above, because in the end it is all worth it. As long as you have the passion and adventure streak in you, budget traveling is fun. You will make loads of memories without money constraints stopping you from exploring the world!