Essential Tips for Planning your Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is a megacity surrounded by a vast desert land, Dubai is one of the biggest tourists and visitor’s attractions city for many from across the globe. This city has all the charm, beauty, adventures and luxuries which any one can dream. Dubai has proved to be the perfect and ideal place for desert adventures and full enjoyment fun activities.

A place where the ultra-modern awesome luxuries with age-old Arabian traditions with Islamic culture. The desert Safari I Dubai is liked and loved by many reasons because of the adventures and fun offers to its guests. Here are some Essential Tips for Planning your Dubai Desert Safari, to help you in a better way and you feel comfortable with your journey and make it unforgettable.

Essential Tips for Dubai Desert Safari:

The desert safari tour approximately 6 hours, your journey starts around 3.00 pm from your hotel and it ends around 10.00 pm back at your hotel.

Bring some cash and a credit card, because the desert safari adventure has too much fun and enjoyment things, after getting tired, you may need some juice or snack at the comfort stop. You need to buy something from the souvenir shop, or maybe you want to buy photo/video of the adventure from the official photographer, they are always available there for the tourists. In this situation, you need amount to avail these.

The most important thing is your luggage, try to take only important things in your bag which you can easily handle during your journey for desert safari, you just take only those things which is very essential for you.

You should take only light breakfast, if you want to take lunch, have a light lunch. Don’t overeat that your stomach feel burden. It is good for you that not to eat too much or drink a lot before your travel, because Dune Bashing is very bumpy and mostly people feel nauseous, so you need to relax your stomach.

Bring sunglasses, a hat, a camera and some other things which you want to use there.The most important and confusing thing is what to wear from evening desert safari tour, try to wear loose and comfortable clothing for desert tour always. Unlike elsewhere in Dubai city, you will be solely in the gathering or company of other tourists modest dressing is not mandatory.

Women can wear shorts and thin strap tops and men can also wear shorts. Light weight tops and trousers are also comfortable. One important thing to note that the temperature of desert safari in the evening drops by a few degrees, so in your bag keep one more dress that is comfortable in the evening for you.

You don’t need to take water bottle with you because there will be a comfort stop before Dune bashing starts, you also can buy from there refreshments and snacks.

Open shoes, sandals or thongs are preferable and good for the socks and sneakers, as you will be getting in and out frequently from the vehicle onto the sand. The sand is so well or fine that it gets everywhere inside your shoes.

The drivers are highly skilled and professional, they have perfect control of their cars, so there is no need for concern. You don’t need to have doubt on their skills, they are experts on their job.

When you reach at the camp, always secure a good place by the dance floor before you take interest in other activities, especially when you are in gathering and you have group of large friend circle.

If you like to ride on camel, do it sooner rather than later, because there was no one available around you after the initial rush.

You will be provided some free time at the campsite before the dinner (BBQ) is served.

There are so many activities that you may not have enough time to do all of them. The activities include: Henna tattoos, drinks at the bar, Arabic coffee and dates, taking photography, smoking an apple shisha, camel rides, dressing up in traditional clothing.

Desert Safaris are a lot of fun, enjoyment and worth dedicating your time, afternoon and evening in the Dubai city, you just leave yourself in the hands of the professional and skilled drivers and enjoy the Arabic hospitality.