Exploring the Exotic Vacation in Maldives islands

Travelling to islands like Seychelles or Maldives is like a dream coming true. It is a wonderful island located in Indian Ocean and it is also the smallest country of Asian. It is well said that the island is formed from double chain related to 26 atolls which is stretching in the directions of north-south of Lakshadweep islands. Male is the Maldives capital city and is known as biggest city of island.


Tourist destination Places in Maldives

If you are looking for the wonderful destinations you can visit u2guide.com to find a local guide. There are different places related to tourist attraction of Maldives; most outstanding beaches of the island that attract people in the huge numbers. Moreover, idea of a travel is to check various luxurious tourists’ resorts which will provide you bizarre experience. The tourist can spend leisure time on lovely palm and laced beaches. Some fascinating water sports activities such as snorkelling, underwater coral watching, scuba diving, water scooters will certainly add great fun to the trip.

National Museum

The splendid National Museum situated in Male is well known to discover hidden richness with exclusive and with antique assortment of precious things. Here one will find garments and ornaments which are worn by Kings Centuries back. There are even some spiritual places like Grand Friday mosque that is greatest mosque of country and Islamic Centre. However, HukuruMiskiiy is also considered as oldest mosque available in Maldives. You can even take pleasure in recreational options marvelous that are offered at different atolls.

Holidays in Maldives will offer lifetime memories. You can also get be accompanied by local guides who will help you to explore the place in most strategic way. Some areas of Maldives still are not under the urban influence; you will also get a feel of the paradise for tranquility prevails all around. Some other places of tourist attraction including the Baa Atoll, Kudahuvadhoo and Fuamulaku and also some of islands in the Maldives even have the exotic spas that could relax you.

However, Maldives is a perfect tourist place for enthusiasts of water sports, as beaches of Maldives usually are regarded as hottest beaches of entire world and hence water sports have now become fun.

Fish Market

Maldives fish market is other key attraction. Tourists visit the fish market in huge number to see different products of fish. The people interested in fishing will even spend their luxury time as fishing is done in Maldives after sunset.