We all have that one favorite spot we love to visit over and over again. It becomes our favorite destination spot, place to go year after year with our loved ones. But why do we limit ourselves to only visiting this place that holds so deeply in our hearts just once a year or maybe even less?

If you come across a location that speaks true to your heart, why not make it a permanent address so you can finally enjoy life? Now, before you start packing your bags and move to some island in the Caribbean, there is an easier way to make your dream vacation spot a part of your house.

If you have a favorite island, why not turn your current home into the island oasis you have always dreamed of? Well, there really is no reason you can’t.

Take your current location and start to imagine it as the way you would if you were sipping pina coladas or skiing down a double black diamond.

You see, as long as you can dream it, you can have it.

Start by collecting items from your travels. LIttle knick-knacks and other things that will remind you of your favorite location. Once you have these, you can start adding them to your current decor.


Maybe your dream spot has views that take your breath away. You can recreate these views just with a little imagination. If you dream of tiki huts and warm fires on the beach, why not add some rustic elements to your home that can work as a constant reminder of the vacation that once was. Find some new or reclaimed wood, and make a bench, mantle, or even a barn door in your home. Every Time you see that wood you will remember how the win felt in your hair and the sane felt on your feet.

These might seem like silly observations, but the truth is, these little steps will help to make your own home feel like a dream getaway.

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