First timer to Dubai? Top surprises that await you

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations that attract a huge number of tourists from all over the world. Dubai has almost everything that any traveler can think of. Be it modern lifestyle, sightseeing opportunities, architectural wonders, or desert adventures, luxury, shopping and much more, your travels in Dubai will be nothing short of an extravaganza.

It is the versatility of this city that surprises first-time visitors. In fact, your eyes start glittering with wonder as soon as you step outside the Dubai Airport.

Here are some wonders of Dubai that will leave you spell-bound on your first visit to the UAE emirate.

  1. Stunning beauty of Burj Khalifa

Even if the Burj Khalifa is famous all over the world, most people don’t anticipate the beauty of this building. The mesmerising view of the building thrills your mind when you see the 148 storeys in reality. And if you are ready to hold your breath and see the view from the top, you can even pay to go to the top of the building as well.

  1. Weekends full of leisure

People like to party a lot in Dubai. And if you are a party animal, then, Dubai offers a three-day long weekend that starts on every Friday. These three days become full of fun for short-term tourists. The chance to have as many drinks as you can drink and party hard is what might surprise you. The weekends become the ultimate chance to get happy hour alcohol, champagne brunches, and enjoy cultural parties with unlimited booze.

  1. Shopping opportunities

Most people hear about the shopping opportunities of Dubai. But the first time visitors still get surprised to see how amazing the shopping environment is in Dubai. The city allows you to grab the finest brands of jewelry, clothing, foods, spices, decorative items and almost everything else that you can think of. The malls in Dubai have incredible amenities and beautiful interiors that make shopping much more enjoyable.

  1. The crisp and arid desert

You will be amazed to see how close the desert is from the crowded and high skyline of Dubai. In fact, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to escape the city and find yourself amidst the sand dunes. The sand safaris are highly popular and many hotels provide luxurious camping opportunities for tourists. These activities offer a great chance to escape the hustle bustle of the city for a while.

  1. Ability to have an affordable travel experience

There are very expensive restaurants, resorts, and malls in Dubai. But it is also possible to plan a good and affordable visit to the city. You can hang out in the markets, stay in budget hotels and pick delicious street food options to enjoy your visit.

So, now that you are ready for all the surprises, it is the time to book one of the Mumbai Dubai flights that operate on a regular basis. Get set to experience the mesmerising magic of Dubai with your loved ones.