Forget about Swanky Hotel Rooms –Luxury Vacation Rentals Are Much Better

Most people automatically think about snagging a hotel room when they’re contemplating going on vacation in a faraway country or island. That’s because lots of people don’t think about luxury vacation rentals, until they hear about it from friends or stumble upon the concept during their online vacation research.

Once they have tried renting a large villa or house, they’re hooked on the idea afterwards. The mere thought of going back to a hotel room seems somehow a step back, or an annoyance that must be endured.

So why is renting a villa so much better than getting hotel rooms? Here are a few reasons for you to think about:

Large Groups Can Stay Together

Let’s say you have a large family or group of friends, and you come up with a plan to stay together for a nice luxury vacation. If you’re going to a hotel room, then you’ll need to rent separate rooms. When you want to find one another, you’ll need to call first or coordinate so you can meet in the hotel lobby. It’s awkward and inconvenient.

With an entire villa for your group, you can all have your own rooms with couples staying together. Then anytime anyone is feeling social, they can just leave their bedrooms and hang out in the living room, kitchen or by the swimming pool. For the new few days, all of you are “home,” instead of guests in separate rooms at a hotel.

You All Have Privacy

Villas for rent tend to offer cleaners at specific times, and you may even have a chef come in to prepare your meals. But in general, there’s no one else there but your own group. So you can relax because no one else is looking at you.

This works very well for a romantic getaway, but privacy isn’t just for couples planning for open air passion. It’s a very liberating feeling to know that there aren’t any strangers about at any time. Who cares if you play music too loud, or if you all have fun shouting conversations and screaming with laughter? You’re not disturbing anyone. You can wear what you want. Privacy involves lots of freedom to do anything you want without adhering to schedules.

If a bit of silence and calm is more your thing, you can get that too. It’s your villa. You won’t have noisy neighbors bothering you when you sleep and fellow guests disturbing your peace as you lazily lounge about by the pool. There aren’t any undisciplined kids running about and annoying you with their antics and tears.

Security is Fantastic

With privacy also comes security. Hotels only have safes in which you can store your valuables. With a villa where there aren’t any strangers about, you can leave your purse and your smartphone in the living room without worrying they’ll get stolen. These homes are also often located in secured areas and gated communities.

Lots of Space and Amenities

Your group doesn’t have to feel hemmed in, since every room in the villa is accessible. So you can sit down anywhere without feeling self-conscious, unlike when you’re in a hotel. Many love the convenience of having a dining room and a fully equipped kitchen.

In addition, just about all these villas come with their own swimming pools. So you can enjoy the pool without having to share it with other kids (who may sometimes urinate in the pool, among other things). Other villas also have fantastic gardens, and often there’s a garage where you can park your rented vehicles.

As for amenities, you generally will have Internet Wi-Fi and cable TV, along with laundry rooms. Lots of these places have entertainment lounges and even fitness centers.

Think of all these advantages and how it can really liven up your vacation. Try renting a villa just once, and you’ll probably hate the thought of staying in a cramped hotel room ever again.