Get New Clothes Monthly with the Best Subscription Services

Isn’t it about time you asked yourself that all-important question: “How’s my sock game these days?” If you’re like most, it’s suffering. A peek inside your sock drawer might likely yield a horrific scene of bland black and white foot coverings that haven’t been changed out since the first Obama administration. Now, you’re probably thinking “They’re socks. As long as they cover my feet, why should I care what they look like?” Just don’t let that thought make its way to your lower extremities. You put your feet through so much each day; the least you can do is let them look stylish while they work.

Stay On the Cutting Edge of Foot Fashion

Say you fancy yourself as being fashionable, with a wardrobe that’s constantly being updated with the latest new styles. Can you really lay claim to such a title if you ignore what goes on your feet? Through the men’s Sock of the Month club we offer here at Say It With A Sock, you can easily combine two of your favorite pursuits: being stylish and buying new clothes.

Your Monthly Subscription

How does your special sock membership work? It’s simple:

  • Simply select the membership package you want (for men, we offer a near-universal size that fits a size range of between 7-13)
  • Choose the billing option that works best for you
  • Pick the number of new pairs you would like to receive each month
  • Select your preferred style

The best part of it all is, even though you know your new socks are coming, you maintain the element of surprise. We’re constantly coming up with new patterns designed to specifically to allow your feet to make a statement.

Get Your Membership Started Today

It’s about time your feet got the same amount of love you afford to your other important body parts. Keeping them covered and protected with zany (yet comfortable) new socks will not only make them happier, but you’ll be surprised how doing so can brighten your outlook, as well. Let us here at Say It With A Sock deliver you and your feet happiness month after month. Contact us today to learn more about men’s Sock of the Month club subscription.