How to Pursue a Career as a Wedding Photographer to Exotic Destinations

As a child, you dreamed of lazing around on exotic beaches, hiking through the jungles of some foreign lands, and having fun as an adventurer, explorer, and world photographer. However, now that you’ve grown up and honed those dreams, you want to pursue a career as a wedding photographer to these same exotic destinations that you’ve always dreamt of. Here are a few tips to putting those career plans and big ambitions into motion.

Invest in Top-Notch Photography Equipment

Ask any famous photographer and they will tell you that a good photographer invests the biggest of their earnings into better photography equipment. The camera, lenses, and entire photographic set-up makes a big difference in both the professionalism that you convey and the clarity of your photos. Make a list of the bests and invest.

Compile a Portfolio of Past Projects and Small Local Weddings

Do you have hundreds of flower and nature photographs lying around? You know, the ones you took to appease your creative side? Pick the best ones for a portfolio. Then add on. Put your name out there for small and local weddings, where you will be happy to shoot the entire wedding for the opportunity to add those photographs to your portfolio.

Start with Friends and Loved Ones, Then Expand Your Business

If you prefer friends and loved ones to strangers and public ads, offer to shoot the weddings, anniversaries, and celebrations of the ones you care about. The care you have someone will usually shine through in a photograph, making the picture more radiant, vibrant, and a must-see. When you become comfortable with your portfolio and experience, expand with advertisement.

FYI: You should also start small with destinations too, like places that are in the United States or nearby your current locale. For instance, if your wedding photography takes you to the east coast, you could opt for a search of North Carolina beach houses for rent.

Look into Marketing Methods, like Social Media and a Photography Website

Building a photography nowadays is a challenge because there are so many others with the same dream. However, how you market your business makes a big difference. Invest some serious cash into a top-notch photography website, with open-sourced applications, interactive interfaces, and connective information—all on a cross-compatible platform. Then advertise via social media networks and search engines.

Save Your Own Money Towards Exotic Wedding Destination Projects

Some of the best wedding photographers in the world had to start from the bottom and work their way up. This means paying your own way until you begin making serious dough for your talents. So, put back funds for your projects.

Like any career, pursuing your dream of being a destination wedding photographer takes time, effort, and loads of hard work—plus, lots of talent. The aforementioned tips will help you get there, but the passion, drive, and ability has to come from you.