Imphal the awesome location –for newly wedded couple

Imphal the perfect city of Manipur and is located at the centre of the Manipur valley, surrounded by plains and hills. The beautiful tiny valley is complimented by numerous ancient monuments, historical palace, well-planned temples and ceremonial houses amidst the tall pine and jackfruit trees. The place is an attractive tourist destination where one can spend moments of serenity in the lap of the nature. The dense forests, the widening grasslands and lively rivers add to the majestic grandeur and simplicity of this undisguised and untarnished place that awaits exploration. Even though the place has been constantly under political unrest, the spirits of people levitates high in this beautiful valley. The charming city is an abode to the Manipuri citizens. The well-bred local people of Imphal believe in gender equality and the women of the society are witnessed to be working efficiently in commercialised places. There are a lot of places where Imphal almost looks like a painting. Imphal can be visited all around the year but the month of October is a pleasant one with clear skies. Since this is a hill town, the summers are not really harsh and one can enjoy sightseeing.

The Imphal Tulihal airport also known as Imphal Airport, is the second largest airport built and the third busiest airport in the north east region and is located 8 kilometres southwards of the city centre. This airport connects with important cities of India such as Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Dimapur, Silchar, Aizawl, and Bangalore. The nearest international airport to Imphal is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, around 490 kilometres away. Imphal does not have its own railway station and Dimapur is the nearest railway station which is connected to the major cities of Nagaland. Imphal is well connected with all parts of India by air, railways and road.


Here are the main tourist attractions to see in Imphal:

  1. Loktak Lake and Sendra Island– This is the largest fresh water lake and the only floating lake in the world. The Keibul Ntional Park is situated in this lake.
  2. Kangla Fort– This fort is also known as the Palace of Kangla of King Pakhangba (the man who could turn himself into a dragon). It is situated on the banks of the Imphal River.
  3. Tharon Cave– a 655.6 metre long cave.
  4. Shaheed Minar– This is an 11 metre tall tower situated in the centre of the Bir Tirkendrajit Park and is a memorial for those who died against the British while fighting in the Meitei Revolt in 1891.
  5. Keibul Lamjao National Park– The only floating National Park in the world and is supposed to be the last natural habitat of the thamin deer.
  6. Langthabal– This place is famous for its magnificent temples and historical monuments. The jackfruit and pine trees are a must see.
  7. Singda Dam– The highest mud dam in the world. It is a popular picnic spot, with its scenic views.
  8. Manipur Zoological Garden– Rare species are specially preserved here.
  9. Shri Govindjee Temple– Situated near the royal palace, this temple is a major one in Manipur and is constructed in the Nagara style of architecture.
  10. Manipur State Museum– Set upin 1969, this museum has various categories of artifacts such as Ethnology, Archaeology, Natural History and Painting.
  11. Moirang– A small town nestled in the state of Manipur. This place is famous for the Loktak Lake.

Tourism has become an important sector that has an impact on the development of the country. Tourist attractions can contribute to government revenues, provide employment, stimulate infrastructure investment, contribute to local economies and provide foreign exchange earnings.


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The beauty and its accomplishment

The beauty of nature has a profound effect upon our senses. Being in nature not only makes one feel better emotionally but also contributes to the physical wellbeing. Imphal is a unique amalgamation of culture, history and nature. It is one of the beautiful parts of our country. It instantly calms the frayed nerves with its soothing ambiance and serene atmosphere.