Staying at a resort offers numerous amenities along with a fun and relaxing way to spend time with your family and friends who are there with you. To make the most of your stay at a Singer Island Marriott resort, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind. Some of the things that will make your vacation memorable begin before you leave home, such as combining your air travel or car rental with your hotel room so that you get a discounted rate. Before you leave for your trip, you need to print off all documents and information that is needed in regards to plane tickets, car rental information and the details of your room. Some resorts will offer transportation from the airport once you arrive or offer a way to get to attractions in the city so that you don’t have to drive.


Make sure the room that you stay in has a safe. You want to protect the items that you have with you on your trip. The safe won’t be very large, but it’ll have space for the small things that you have, such as jewelry or important papers. One of the things to keep in mind with a resort is that not everything includes a tip with the price. Find out what kind of tip is included before you give extra money for services that are provided or any food that you order. Most massages and spa services won’t include a tip, but the food that is delivered usually does.

When you’re staying at the resort, be sure you have plenty of sunblock and toiletries. Most resorts will have these items on hand, but if you plan on staying for an extended time, the small bottles just won’t last that long. Many of the items that you can buy at the resort are expensive. Resorts know that people will need items at some point, especially if they forget something at home, and will likely pay the higher prices to have the things that are needed at the time. An option is to find a grocery store or retail store nearby, but even then the prices might be a little higher than where you live.

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