Modern day bus travel redefined

Traveling by bus is something that has undergone a dramatic change in modern times. This is because aspects like convenience, punctuality and comfort have become pivotal parts of the equation like never before. Earlier, we were loath to embark on bus journeys and often preferred private cars or cabs to travel between cities and States. This was because of our previously held perceptions relating to bus travel, i.e. our fixed conception of journeys never starting on time and getting delayed in the end and also the perceptions about lack of comfort, unfriendly seating and lack of other amenities and facilities.

Yet, times change and how! Personal mobility has anyway undergone a paradigm shift with the advent of Ola, Uber and other cab aggregators. The same system is now redefining bus travel and, in a way, that we perhaps never expected.

In the modern-day scenario, the customer is the king and it is always about reinforcing the concept of higher value or bang for buck that most brands are striving for nowadays in an era of strict competition. That is where modern day bus travel has become more enjoyable, particularly for the connected and smarter millennial generation which is particular about what they are getting for their hard-earned money.

Getting a bus for rent- Structural changes in the whole process

Earlier, getting a bus for rent would be a nightmare, particularly if you factor in frequent visits to the bus terminuses and bookings after making frantic phone calls. There would be no clarity on whether a particular bus was traveling on a particular route from a particular stand. This led to confusion more often than not while traveling, something that most Indian families took as par for the course. Yet, in today’s times, if you look at the modern booking procedures for buses on a variety of trips, you will be astounded, particularly if you’re from the earlier generation!

Take redBus for instance. The country’s foremost bus travel brand offers buses for hire across the spectrum along with easy options for availing of a bus for rent on multifarious trips throughout the country. You can easily book your redBus online without any hassles and the company offers an on-time guarantee for each booking. You will be getting a refund of 25% in case the departure of the bus is delayed for any reason by 30 minutes from the point of boarding. There are no cancellations of buses and even if there is a cancellation without alternate provisions, you will be getting a 150% refund of your money.

A 300% refund is provided in case of any bus breakdown without any alternative arrangements within a period of 6 hours. That takes care of the peace of mind bit and of course, there is the Track My Bus option for learning the exact bus location in real-time. This will help you plan journeys accordingly while keeping family members and friends updated across multiple boarding points.

RedBus presently has 10,000 buses being tracked throughout various routes and a total of 60,000 routes covered through live tracking. There are 40,000 users who are using this feature to avail of their buses without any hassles. There are several other mobile-friendly features that you can avail which include redBus Now for boarding a bus within an hour or two. You can board a bus which is on its way with this feature.

Additionally, there is Boarding Point Navigation for helping you find the right boarding point for your bus. Once you save your preferred payment methods on RedBus after downloading the app, you can go through the one-click process for booking. It is that simple!

Core Advantages of contemporary bus travel

Thus, modern day bus travel comes with several advantages. These can be summed up as below:

  • Easy website or mobile booking with transparent details
  • Easy tracking of buses on the go in real-time
  • Convenient availing of buses on their way
  • Abundance of bus routes and options for traveling to various places
  • Refunds for bus delays, cancellations and breakdowns
  • Timely departures
  • Better customer service for handling all your queries
  • Reasonable prices and multiple offers including coupon codes and deals across partner stores

As can be seen, the whole experience has been radically transformed into something which is hugely beneficial for customers. No longer is it cumbersome to get a bus for rent, particularly while traveling to multiple destinations. It also helps when it comes to family weddings, long journeys and other trips where multiple family members have to board the bus from several points along the route. With live tracking, you can keep everybody informed, while enjoying total peace of mind and a comfortable, reliable bus that gets you to your final destination in a timely manner.