Need a Vibrant Vacation Escape?

What is Resort Vacation International?

The Resort Vacation International Inc. website comes off as very vibrant and engaging to its audience. I can tell that the company is highly targeted to people who really want to rent out their timeshares to avoid any fees and high taxes on their properties. The website has a lot of information on how the company is able to change the game for resort owners and individuals who need better marketing in terms of getting their properties to the public eye.

Excellent Marketing Strategies

I think that it is very smart for Resort Vacation International to use a variety of tools and feedback to explain why their services stand out. For one, they make sure to include that they use SEO (search engine optimization) to bring properties to the forefront of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This is very good because customers looking to rent out properties are highly likely to search via Google or any other search engine to find what properties are available to rent out.

If a property isn’t listed on one of the first few pages of the search engine, less people will be aware that the property is available. I haven’t heard about many services that work with search engine optimization to help market rental properties but I am very intrigued that Resort Vacation International is taking advantage of that tool. They also make sure to make the properties highly marketable by playing off of the highlights that a customer would want. For example, if a property has great amenities like a 20 foot pool and a barbecue setup, the search engine optimization tool will play off of those strengths and use key words that mention “30 foot pool” and “barbecue.” This all makes sense and it is just a way to make it easier to search for certain properties that will catch the eye of the public.

Taking Advantage of Good Reviews

Another way Resort Vacation International uses its resources to appeal to its audience is by using the best reviews to highlight how the company is helping property owners. They make sure to use reviews that target the general audience mostly concerned with paying fees and taxes. Many of the reviews mention how relieving it is to use the company to market their properties. I would say that this company does a great job advertising the properties that need to be rented out. This is done quite well because the website makes sure to mention the various rental sites that people are very aware of. While I am used to websites such as Expedia and Trivago only marketing hotels and motels, I find it very exciting to see that companies like Resort Vacation International marketing rental properties. These properties are usually equal or even better than hotels so I think that this can definitely create different options for the property owner and the renter. It’s a win for both parties.