One Thing to Eat in each of these European Countries

One of the best things about traveling is trying out a variety of foreign cuisine, it can be pretty exciting especially when you haven’t had a particular dish before. Most people love trying new food, and the world has a lot of that to offer. It can vary wildly from what you’re used to back home, each region has its own levels of ‘sweet, salt and spicy’ – some countries really like their spices, others not so much. Each country has a myriad of dishes you can sample (and you should try as many as you can), however in this article we take a look at one dish each from several countries that you should definitely try if you’re there. If you’re less on airline miles be sure to buy airline miles online to fund your travels.

Palacinky in the Czech Republic: These rolled up pancakes are filled with fruits and jam and are perfect as a dessert.

Currywurst in Germany. The Germans love their sausages, as there are literally hundreds of varieties of sausages found in the German market. One of the most popular versions is the currywurst, served with ketchup and curry powder. Enjoy it with chips and a coke, different levels of spice are available.

Full-English Breakfast in England: The classic English breakfast is famous all the world over – and for good reason, its sumptuous, and what better place to try it than the place of its origin.

Pizza in Italy: Pizza has evolved greatly from it used to be – now we associate it with thick chunks of meat and tons of pizza sauce. However the original Italian version tops all of these newer versions, after all the Italians came up with it in the first place. It is believed to have come from the city of Naples, so try it there if you can.

Herring in the Netherlands: a seafaring country, it is hardly a surprise that the Dutch love seafood. Almost all food places in Amsterdam sell this silvery fish, which is both very delectable and healthy.

Goulash in Hungary: a traditional Hungarian dish, Goulash is a savory stew full of meat and vegetables. It is best enjoyed with bread and beer.

Crème Catalan in Catalonia, Spain: While Crème brulee seems French, the first recipes first came from the state of Catalonia in Spain. This is of course, disputed by the French. Regardless, this dessert is a must try in Spain.

Crepes in France: The French are experts at making dessert; and no dessert is more French than the Crepe. A classic pastry, available throughout France, it comes with different fillings to suit your taste.

Beer in Belgium: Technically Beer isn’t food, but anyone familiar with Belgium will know it’s basically a meal there – it’s everywhere. Belgium has some of the finest beer in the world, and you should definitely sample some.

Pierogi in Poland: the polish version of dumplings, they are available in hundreds of varieties.

So be sure to sample these dishes during your tour, and in order to travel for cheap buy airline miles online and they can be used to exchange tickets.