The Tourist and the Traveler

If you live in a city that is famous for tourism, you must have encountered the fairly common species of a particular kind of tourist. They’re hard to miss; a huge camera on the shoulder, distinguishable clothing, sometimes a fanny pack and they’re usually consulting a map on the side of the street. One can safely assume such people are not locals, they’re tourists. They stand out starkly from people around them and as such in some places this makes them easy prey to thieves and scammers.

On the other hand there is a different kind of tourist – one that is easy to miss, for they blend in well with the crowd. That kind is known as a traveler, such people try to integrate seamlessly into the background; they happily study the local culture and ways and immerse themselves in them – in dress and behavior. They are here to experience the place and not just pose for photos.

The bottom-line is it’s better to be the latter than the former, be inconspicuous and enjoy yourself. We do not reprimand the tourist, they’re also visiting to have fun but sometimes it’s to your advantage to not stand out. We’ll tell you a few pointers on how to avoid looking like a blatant tourist. If you’re planning a holiday do not forget to search online for Cheap business class Tickets for 2017 Holidays.

The Wrong Way Backpack: You might be wondering what does this mean. It means wearing your backpack on the front, so that instead of a backpack, it’s now a ‘frontpack’. Now you might be wondering who in their right mind would do this. The answer to this question is, unfortunately, a lot of people. It’s understandable where their logic is coming from; before arriving they might have read how the city might have thieves, or someone must have given them this precious tip. So to them it makes sure that, their belongings are safe if they have their eyes on the backpack at all times. While the logic is not faulty, the message that this appearance sends out is anything but good. It proclaims loudly that you do not trust the people of the city you’re visiting, and while the thought in itself is fine – you’re entitled to your opinion, the behavior isn’t. So please, do not do this. Nothing will happen to your backpack if you’re aware of your surroundings.

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The Fanny Pack: Even if you’re into the 1980s fashion, do not wear the fanny pack. It yells that you’re a tourist. And can be an easy target for little pickpockets. No fanny packs.

The Giant Map: While no one will begrudge you for carrying a map around – they’re quite helpful to get around, people may be annoyed if you stop in the middle of a street to check said map. In any case in this day and age, it’s far better to use something like Google Maps. They’re far handier.

The I Love ‘XYZ’ City Shirt: It’s good that you are having a grand time in a city abroad but no need to announce it to the world by wearing a say, ‘I heart/Love NY’ shirt or something along similar lines. It makes for a good souvenir back home.

Following these simple steps will help you stand out. If you’re planning a vacation then do not forget to search online for Cheap Airline Tickets for 2017 Holidays.