When people need to keep their beer and drinks cold for the game and when they want to ship gourmet cheese  across the country or out in the outback at enjoying their camping trip, a good icebox is what they really need . Cryolux Ice boxes have thick Polyurethane insulated walls and they hold ice for weeks !! And to save money on Ice you can get Reusable Dry Ice packs too keep the cool . Esky or Chilly bins or Ice chests or cool boxes is what people call these insulated containers . Thanks to Global Warming these Quality Iceboxes have become an essential for transporting perishable food and chilled drinks be it fishing, camping, Barbeques or Even Commercial Food Transport.

Packing Perishables

Its important to that Iceboxes are packed smart to ensure you get good ice retention . When it comes to fishing , BBQs & camping  the boxes are designed to be sturdy and able to take the wear and tear outdoors. People usually use cheap polystyrene boxes to transport perishables and pharmaceutical companies use cooler bags with dry ice to ship temperature sensitive products. However People  require Heavy Duty Polyurethane insulated boxes if they need to keep ice for longer  needed for any type of food from meats to fish to potato salad. The ability to pack and ship fresh cakes and other foods to distant locations or keep things cool when outdoors on a hot day makes coolers practical carriers.

Refreshing Drinks

Often along with a cooler for cans of soda or other cold beverages, drink dispensers are also useful for outdoor events. When on fishing trips, the drink cooler sits on the truck keeping a good amount of beverages cool to refresh those returning from the lake, river or ocean with their catch. The drink dispensers are also great for taking on board the boat or sitting on the pier or deck for fishing from the shores. Additionally, any camping trip would be better with a drink cooler in tow for iced tea or other cold beverages. Different sizes of drink coolers are available.

Using Quality Cooler Chests

Whether shipping and transporting perishable items or keeping food and drinks cold, ice chests are practical and popular. An Esky ice box filled with ice, Ice pack or bags of ice will keep food and drinks cold for hours in the hottest weather. Durable and quality coolers bring fish home from the river, encase the fragile homemade bread for shipping to homesick Tracy at the military base and come along for fun family camping trips.


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