Vaping and Traveling: Helpful Insights to Know

Traveling is fun, and no one wants to leave their favorite vape at home while exploring new places. Vapers enjoy meeting new people with similar interests and sharing clouds of vapor. They also would like to enjoy their vapes as they do back home. But traveling with a vape is not straightforward because other regions might have different regulations and views about the habit. Therefore, it is important that you understand all that is needed of you before you start the journey. We have the best insights to follow if you want to enjoy your vape while on the go.

Understand the Impact of Regions, Rules and Trends on Vaping

Different regions across the world view vaping in their own way. There are unique trends that might trigger some curiosity to explore.

· North America – vaping is legal in many places, although sales of vaping devices and accessories are highly regulated. You should check the regulations of the place you are about to visit because they might differ.

· Asia – some countries like Singapore have banned the use and sale of vaping devices and accessories. Japan and some other states allow it fully while many Arab countries allow it in areas where people use shisha.

·  Europe – just like North America, vaping is legal. However, you ought to check the detailed regulations of the European country that you want to visit to avoid making avoidable mistakes. Exceptional vape accessories retailers like the ePuffer website can give you some rules that govern various European countries.

·  Africa – each country in Africa has its own view and regulations on vaping. Some have no defined restrictions other than to treat vaping just like smoking with its use in public places being banned.

Taking a Flight with a Vape

Airlines are very strict about vaping on a plane. Actually, none will allow you to use it on board. As such, they also have set procedures for carrying e-juice and other accessories. Before traveling, be sure to go through the airline website to understand what they really expect of you. The main focus is on the e-juice, which should be packed in 100 ml containers that are transparent. However, they will not limit you on the number of bottles as long as they fit in your hand luggage together with other personal items like gels, aerosols and medications. This is a safety and security protocol while they still allow you the convenience of traveling with your vape.

Likewise, batteries must be carried in your hand luggage as a safety precaution. Arguably, some can explode if they are pressed and left in the checked luggage compartment, and this can extend damage to other luggage. Apparently, these are the only two accessories that are a concern when flying. Other accessories and the e-cigarette device itself are not restricted.


The bottom line of enjoying your vape while on the go is to research thoroughly before traveling. As mentioned, things might change depending on the places that you are visiting. You will be prepared if you follow the above tips closely.