6 Burmese Meals That Will Stay With You Forever

Travel opens you up to several things, among them a new culture and new cuisine. Take the Burmese cuisine, for instance. If you do not remember the city for anything else, just remember it for its street food. While Yangon will lack the most prestigious accommodation facilities, it is not short of soul food that you’ll remember for a long time.

These Meals Will Be Worth Every Dime

Naturally, the cuisine is diverse, seeing as it has Indian, Thai, and Chinese influences. Fish and fish products are dominant, and you can count on having them in every delicious meal. Luckily, you will not be required to fill any t1135 penalties before indulging in these delicacies.

Mohinga For Breakfast

Start the day right with this plateful containing the three primary food groups. You have deep fried fritters in fish soup and rice noodles. They add a boiled egg to complete the plate and garnish it with a spice of choice. Mohinga (Burma’s national dish) is undoubtedly the best way to kick off the day in Myanmar.

Biryani Wins!

Rice is an integral part of the Burmese cuisine, and it will, therefore, feature in most of the main meals. Biryani is a rice dish, cooked in local spices with some vegetables and protein. The most commonly used proteins are beef and chicken. The spices bring out an incredible aroma and an even better taste.

Another meal that will feature rice is a colorful curry, with steamed rice cooked in coconut milk. The curry will be a fish, okra, bean sprouts, and cauliflower combo that will be cooked in spices and coconut milk.  No words can describe the goodness of this meal.

Snack On Naan And Pe Byouk

The Burmese Naan is no different from the Indian version. Naan is flat bread made in a clay oven in a process that brings out the sheer skill of its makers. Pe Byouk is a protein-packed legume that fills you up and gives you the energy to go around the busy city. Seeing as it is street food, the food vendor will, unless you ask otherwise, stuff the Naan with the Pe Byouk so you can enjoy as you walk.

Fish Curry With A Salad Side

If you have had it with the rice (and carbs in general), try this delicious fish curry. The meal is as simple as it sounds: local fish stewed in little oil topical spices. The soup is unbelievably soulful and even better when hot.

The salad will consist of crunchy bean or pea sprouts and lettuce dressed with either chili flake sauce or fermented fish sauce.

Khaosay Thote

Noodles are a big part of the Burmese cuisine. Khaosay Thote is a dish of noodles mixed in flavorful chili sauce and a side of chilies and garlic. You will not miss this meal in a typical Burmese dinner table.

Fancy Some Falooda?

The list would be incomplete without something sweet, no? This sweet drink is made using rose water syrup, ice cream, sago pearls, and jelly. It is heartwarmingly delicious and utterly unforgettable.

Next time you are in Myanmar, take a stroll on the streets and eat as much as you can. You can always work off those pesky calories later.