Guide to understand Cruise in China 

As tourists and specialists specializing in organizing Yangi River Cruises for the year, we are pleased to give our clients the best advice to make their journey easier. The most accurate information providers about cruise are these tips on the cruise as well as look at our various parts of our cruise questions.

General Information before Boarding

Generally, boarding time for any Yangzes cruise occurs in the afternoon or evening. Consequently, cruise’s maximum ships are not included in dinner for the night, so it is certain to get some dairy or water before getting boarded before boarding or before boarding. Some shops on the ships still provide passengers with breakfast and other drinks, but at a more expensive price.

To get the documents as well

Before any boarding, please make sure you have all the travel documents with you (passport etc.). Check-in board will require your identity paper. By booking with us, you only need to show up with the local tour guide that will help you in all formal institutions.


Two options are available on the board, a personal credit card or “board sign-in account”. The online board board credit card is accepted as follows: Visa, Master Card, US Express, Federal Card, JCB and Dinner Card. If “Select a signed-in account”, when they arrive on the board, the passengers have to mark all board services and buy their account. When the cruise ends, you have a full statement statement and bill to make a payment after checking. This option is available only on selected ships.


Since in the early booking of Atts River River, we are very hard to pearl diseases in any case and calm down to overcome river flow. However, if you are suffering from seasickness or other transportation problems, please make sure that you get some medicines to spend cruise in the best way. Before boarding, someone should know about the situation in the board, which can change the ability to test you.

– Under oxygen therapy, guests must meet some needs before boarding.

Women entering the third triangle of pregnant attacks will not be accepted on the board.

In any way, a professional medical service is provided on a plane.

Family with children

Like everywhere around the world, cruise and airlines offer children between 2 to 12 years at some cost. Children need to pay only 10% of the household cruise cabin charge (up to 2 years). Some rooms with large space can be provided with an extra bed. A nursery and day care is available at the top rated rating above 4 stars, namely: Middle East and Queen, Supply Chain, President No. 1, Victoria (Blue Well), China Sunshine, Yangt Pearl, Attsz , Star Depper (Beidou) and Xiaofeng ships.


Welcome to China, but welcome is a matter of individual preferences. Tips for the local beach tour staff member are at the discretion of all passengers. Generally, the ships are the box in the front office to make your suggestions.

Door transport

Before boarding, potentially some of our special pyres may require some of us. When boarding in Yichang city, passengers will have to go to the new century Pear (新 世纪 码头, Zinceshto), where cruise ships usually disappear.

For those who come to themselves, there are some tips to reach the entrance of Hong Kong. From Yichang Airport Tax you will be sent to the new Century Pair (approximately 39 km away, 1 hour) 120 Rm. Using this taxi bus from the Hingang Long Distance bus station, it is about 50 rpm (no 30 traffic traffic jams).

Of course, if touring with us involves all the transport needed. Your personal guide guide and driver will help you reach the time, regardless of time. If traveling alone before boarding, only to remember the name of the pigs in Chinese for taxi drivers.

On board

All cruise ships are ranked top and provide excellent quality services. The staff’s board is all English-speaking (especially for 4 and 5 star cruises) and English-speaking guides are at no cost to waste the passengers. Room service, leisure, medical facilities, restaurant … cruises are provided to enjoy such a beautiful Chinese travel and discover everything in China’s largest river. Infrastructure boats include doctors and nurses on cruise ships.

the meal

Concerned by each other, cruise ships still try to maintain the same principles to eat. Dining services are provided to Baptists with both the Chinese and Western style foods (B-L-D). Guests should mention cruise reservation with special nutritional needs such as shower, diabetes or Muslim. Food results will be explained in the results.