Ideal Group Travel Insurance Plans in India

Travelling with a group is always a different experience as compared to solo trips. Whether you are going on a business tour, a vacation with friends and family, or on a study trip, opting for a good travel insurance plan is very important. Minor issues like the cancellation of your flight or even major issues such as medical emergencies are taken care with the right travel insurance plans. Group travel insurance plans cover all the members of the group travelling during the trip. It protects them against a wide array of medical or travel related issues.

Benefits of group travel insurance plans

  • Your insurer will cover you and your group members for emergency medical expenses.
  • Any kind of extra expenses occurring due to flight cancellation will be covered under the group travel insurance plan
  • In case you or anyone of your group happens to misplace or have any important documents stolen, the cover will provide you with assistance during these situations
  • In case of loss of baggage or baggage delays, the insurer will pay for the losses
  • In case your trip has been interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances, the insurer will provide accommodation to the entire group as a part of the travel insurance plan
  • The group travel insurance plans are far more economical than opting for individual insurance plans for all the members of the group travelling together

Ideal group travel insurance plans

When you are looking for the ideal group travel insurance plans, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right group travel insurance plans in India:

  1. Finding a travel insurance company which offers an instant policy is important. This way, the group can review all the different travel insurance policies and decide to purchase one online. They can get instant approval and get the best travel insurance policy for their group travels.
  2. The ideal group travel insurance plan will have the option of opting for cashless claims. With this option, in case the group wants to opt for filing a travel insurance claim, the hassle of running around for reimbursement is avoided.
  3. The ideal group travel insurance plans will offer the entire group with various kinds of coverage. These include:
  • Emergency medical expenses where the insurer will cover the members of the group in case of medical expenses occurring due to accidents or illnesses, as well as prescribed emergency evacuation, if it is required. This plan will also cover hospitalization expenses, therapies, doctors’ charges, diagnostic tests, and other kinds of medical aid and expenses.
  • Accidental death and permanent disability where in case of any kind of bodily injury leading to death or permanent total disability, the company will provide a specific, predetermined sum amount to the buyer. These include any kind of bodily injury suffered by the buyer during his travels which have occurred due to common carriers such as rails, tram, bus, train and aircraft.
  • Emergency dental expenses are also covered by the insurer under the right group travel insurance policy. This will include any acute anaesthetic treatment of the teeth.

More about the ideal group travel insurance plans

The ideal group travel insurance will also cover and reimburse all the group members on any kind of expenses which have incurred due to the replacement of lost baggage and loss of important personal documents. In case of loss of checked-in baggage, the right group travel insurance plans will give adequate compensation to the group members whose baggage has been misplaced or stolen.