Tips That will Help you Plan your First Overseas Business Trip

Your first overseas business trip can be a difficult experience. It can pose various logistical and linguistic problems to overcome, so we’ve collated these useful tips on how to make the most of your first overseas business trip.

Making your first overseas business trip should be seen as a great opportunity as you’ll be able to experience another country and culture – but it’s not without its professional responsibilities.

It is a major commitment to your organisation entrusting an individual with the ability to represent the business on their behalf in a professional context. Unfortunately, there’s a heightened chance that you’ll encounter issues, therefore thorough planning is recommended.


Prior to embarking on your business trip, it’s worthwhile to have your entire stay pre-booked and confirmed for your arrival. This can prevent major problems if you’ve forgotten transport at your destination and have to rely on quick decisions to help you get to your accommodation or meeting.

Not only must you prepare your arrangements, but also your travel essentials, such as a passport and ensuring it’s valid for the dates of your travel. Some countries require different amounts of time left on the passport before being granted access, so it’s important to check.

Pack for the destination

You might be used to a large cotton suit in the UK and expect it to be suitable for weather conditions abroad. But climates can vary depending on your travel destination, so can the seasons.

Therefore check prior to packing to see the predicted weather conditions so you’ve either packing a linen suit or a warm coat. You will appreciate being prepared than having to purchase suitable clothing whilst abroad and wasting valuable time.

Expect surprises:

Unfortunately, these will rarely be pleasant surprises and will most likely be an unfortunate event which puts you under stress to resolve in a foreign location. Keep spares of essentials in alternative luggage to prevent losing everything if you encounter problems with your luggage. It’s strongly recommended to have your important business information and travel essentials in your hand luggage so you’re in control throughout the journey.

Have some rest

Business travel can be physically and mentally challenging compared to a leisure trip. So make sure you are well rested and can represent your business in a professional manner while you’re engaging with an overseas client.

Even though it’s classified as a business trip, try to relax. You’re not meant to be actively working during the entire trip as you wouldn’t whilst you’re at home, would you? This includes working whilst travelling as this can be a drain on your energy before arriving at your destination.

Learn the currency

Researching the local currency will help you understand pricing and customs which you might not be familiar. Some countries expect a gratuity in return for their service whereas some countries only expect to be paid their wage and a tip is a welcomed surprise.

A money transfer is a secure way to have money upon arrival, or you can arrive at your destination with some local currency. It all depends on the duration of your business trip and how safe your destination is to be walking around with money. Even though it might be more expensive to trust credit cards, it can also be the most secure method of payment and easier to manage.

Get a travel reward credit card:

Travel reward credit cards are designed to offer benefits whilst in a foreign country. It’s recommended to avoid using a regular credit card abroad for the first time as you could encounter high bank fees on the overseas transaction.

Therefore, check with the financial institution about fees and a good travel reward credit card. It’s worthwhile to have the backing of the bank to cancel a card or protect your payments whilst you’re abroad in case you experience a problem with theft or fraud.

These simple guidelines will allow you to plan sufficiently for your first overseas business trip. They are designed to enhance your experience, safety and knowledge whilst in a foreign environment.

You will appreciate the organisation when you’re looking to make a positive first impression, especially to a potential client as you’ll be representing yourself and the company.