Things to do before leaving home for a Vacation

When we leave the house for a vacation, there are certain thoughts that can simply ruin the trip ahead of us. There is nothing worse than reaching the halfway point of our journey and having thoughts like ‘Did I leave the bathroom tap running?’ or ‘Did I forget to the turn off the gas?’.

Just to prevent thoughts like these from meddling with our peace of mind and dampening our vacation spirit, here is a list of things that you must do before you leave home for a long vacation:

Tidy Up

We are generally quite excited when there is a big trip coming up. Sometimes we get into the vacation mode long before the journey begins and out of our excitement we may give up on our household chores.

Not doing the chores before leaving the house can prove to be a big problem when you return from the trip. You may have to tackle some really boring tasks when you are already quite physically exhausted. You may have to vacuum carpets, dust surfaces, dispose the garbage, clean up corners, the list is virtually endless.

Put the Newspaper and Mail on Hold

For a moment we are pushing the concern of cleanliness to the back seat and talking about home security for a change. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out from a pile of junk mail and newspapers lying at your doorstep that you are not at home.

A vacant home draws attention from trespassers and burglars and can put your house at a risk of theft. It makes sense to suspend newspaper and mail service a few days before you are about to leave. You can also redirect your mail to neighbours or relatives.

Tackle the Refrigerator

There are certain household appliances that consume a lot of energy and the refrigerator is one of them. Forgetting to turn it off can and will set you back a few quid that could have been saved if you’d planned ahead.

Also you can donate, consume or throw away the food which is stored inside your refrigerator. Once you have emptied the refrigerator, you can clean the insides of it with a solution of water and baking soda. This will ensure that your refrigerator doesn’t have a foul odour and that there is no bacterial growth inside.

Save Electricity

Appliances can continue to consume power until you return or they get blown off, whichever happens first. So before leaving make sure that all the appliances such as the coffee maker, air conditioners, thermostats or water heaters are switched off. Besides keeping the appliances safe, it will also keep your energy bills lower and prevent wastage of precious electricity.

Turn off the Main Water Supply

Your dishwasher, washing machine and sinks will not be functional while you’re away so you should turn off the main water supply to rule out the possibility of leaving a faraway tap open before leaving. Also, the taps may not be leaking at the moment but it is possible that they may start leaking when you’re gone. If you do not wish to return to a flooded home take the precaution of turning off your main water supply.

Schedule Lights

You may think that turning off all the lights in the house is the ideal thing to do before leaving home for a vacation. However, seeing the lights in the house switched off at all times can serve as an indication to potential thieves and trespassers that you are not at home. You can schedule the lights in a way that they turn on automatically at those times of the day when you are usually home but turn off at the times when you usually retire to bed.

Safety Measures

Besides the measures given above to ensure the security of your home while you’re away you may also want to lock up your valuables and important documents such as those related to your property and the Will written using a Will template in a safety deposit box.

Additionally you should ensure that burglar and smoke alarms are set and working. You can also contact your home alarm company and let them know that you will be away for a few days. If you’re leaving behind your car, you should park it inside the garage and lock it up.

Vacation is supposed to be a time when you’re absolutely relaxed. Having things to worry about can severely hamper the quality of time that you have on your trip. Taking the above precautions should set you at ease on the trip.